Hanoi vibrant with cultural heritage week 2015 hinh anh 1The San Chay wedding ceremony. (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - A string of Vietnamese cultural extravaganza will take place during Vietnam Cultural Heritage Week 2015, held at the National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Son Tay town’s Dong Mo, Hanoi.

Around 280 artists will deliver performances on the themes of national solidarity, and tangible and intangible heritages across the country at the opening ceremony scheduled for November 15, said Nguyen Dang Chuong, head of the Performing Arts Department, at a press conference in Hanoi on November 3.

The nine-day event, which aims to honour the cultural identities of 54 ethnic groups, will draw the participation of Thai, Kho Mu, Ta Oi, Cham, M’Nong, San Chay and Khmer ethnic minorities, among others.

Traditional ceremonies and festivals will be re-enacted during the event, including the Kho Mu’s praying-for-rain ceremony, the Ta Oi prayer for bumper crops, the San Chay wedding ceremony and the Thai hair-washing festival.

A hundred photos on the lotus symbol in Vietnamese culture will be displayed, depicting daily life, Buddhism, streets, cuisine and ao dai. In addition, a lotus space will be arranged in the village.

Hundreds of travel agents will also attend the week to popularise and promote tourism at the village, which sees 250,000 visitors every year.

The village is making efforts to fine-tune its tourism products and lure in more visitors.-VNA