The Ring Road 2 project in Hanoi is urgently under construction.

With a length of up to 90m and a height of 28m, the viaduct at the Nga Tu Vong intersection is the largest of its kind in height and length.

Despite being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ring Road 2 project, and particularly the Minh Khai-Dai La section, is still under construction all day and night to meet the initial schedule.

At the project, there are 3 traffic floors, namely Truong Chinh - Dai La road, Nga Tu Vong viaduct, and Ring Road 2 elevated road.

In those, the Nga Tu Vong viaduct is the most complicated structure of this project. The viaduct has some piers with a height of up to 28m high, which is 1.5 times higher than other “normal” piers of the project.

This viaduct has a length of 90m and a total weight of more than 900 tons of concrete. It was divided into 9 casting shifts and workers started building the bridge from its two ends at the same time.

Workers build the viaduct using a modern construction system named "Balanced Cantilever." Below the construction site, the contractor set up a large steel mesh to prevent materials from falling on people and vehicles participating in traffic at lower-level roads.

The Ring Road 2 elevated road project is under construction with 2 main packages. Package 1, from Vinh Tuy Bridge to Cho Mo, has completed 70% of the total work volume.

Package 2, from Cho Mo to the Vong section, has completed 30% of the total work volume.

The entire elevated road section of the Ring Road 2 project is expected to be completed in 2022./.