The year's largest street art festival is set to hit the 3A Alternative Art Area on February 7, featuring live mural painting, a street photography exhibition, live performance art, live music and freestyle sports.

Hosted by Saigon Artbook, UFO, Unlimited Saigon Entertainment, Unicorn Studio & 3A Station, the event is to celebrate the growing street art community in HCM City and to create a playground for artists to meet their fans.

The Concrete Canvasses Festival will feature plenty of bass-thumping tunes from local DJs such as Maraphobia, Cheezy Gangstaz and Demon Slayer, in addition to live musical performances by Emcee K and Seighart.

Artists, including Kim Co, Tran Hai Binh, Mai Hong, Thanh Xinh, Cong Thanh, Frenemy Life, Holm, Dan Nguyen, Sarah Patterson, Viet Max, Muriel, Chicko, Endo, Leur, Dazger and Baum, will produce their masterpieces in real time as Fancy Crew and Bigsouth Crew show off their dance skills.

A photography exhibition will also be on display while other street-based activities ranging from parkour to freestyle BMX to skateboarding take place throughout the day.

The after-party soundtrack will be provided by DJs Matrixx, Jase, Vincent and The Current Will Carry Us, while VJs Julian and Kinect provide visual mapping.

Unicorn Studio's Yumi and KC will wow the crowd with a contemporary dance performance, and all the art from the day will be lit with floodlights.-VNA