Hanoi (VNA)Ho Chi Minh City will host the 4th ASEAN Chief Justices’ Meeting on April 1, featuring Supreme Court delegations from ten ASEAN member states.

The annual event aims to enhance connection and mutual understanding between the Supreme Courts of ASEAN nations and provide a platform for the chief justices in the region to discuss issues of mutual interest.

Attendees will focus their discussion on institutionalisation of the ASEAN Chief Justices’ Meeting, and ASEAN integration. The latter is intended for the member states to exchange practices on legal and judicial reforms and standardise certain norms for the judiciary across the region.

The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community is expected to lead to a rise in cross-border trade and investment, and as a result of that, more cross-border disputes and crimes in line with increasing complexity in legal issues.

The meeting is needed for ASEAN to develop as a region of stability, prosperity and fair competition, with reduced poverty and levels of development between members.-VNA