The Preventive Health Department under the Ministry of Health is warning the community of high avian influenza A/H7N9 outbreak risks, especially during the winter-spring season of this year.

China, the neighbouring country, has already reported an additional 15 infection cases, including three deaths, according to an announcement from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on January 19.

The Ministry has warned individuals not to use poultry or poultry products with unclear origins; immediately report ill or dead poultry to local authorities or veterinarian facilities; and seek timely medical care if experiencing fever, cough, chest pain or breathing difficulties.

According to the WHO, there is a high possibility of additional infection cases in humans during the winter-spring season and could result in an outbreak.

The announcement advises those travelling to countries with known avian influenza outbreaks to avoid poultry farms, areas where poultry is slaughtered, or contact with animals in live bird markets, or contact with any surfaces that appear to be contaminated with faeces from poultry or other animals.

The WHO recommends practicing frequent hand washing with soap and following food safety regulations.-VNA