Hoi An celebrates opening of Tan Thanh fishing village market

Hoi An ancient town in central Quang Nam province is famous for its sustainable eco-tourism. As soon as the latest outbreak of COVID-19 was brought under control, it resumed tourism activities and launched a new cultural experience destination - Tan Thanh fishing village market.

Ms Xi is employed at a resort on An Bang Beach but every Saturday becomes a merchant at the Tan Thanh fishing village market. The market is a new local tourism product with the aim of creating a vibrant new image for Hoi An post-pandemic.

The Tan Thanh fishing village market is sponsored by the Tourism Association of Quang Nam Province, and will not only be a place for buying and selling goods but also a meeting point for cultural and culinary exchanges by people and businesses with tourists. Minimising plastic waste and protecting the environment receive particular focus.

Despite only being in operation for a few days, the market, on the beaches of Tan Thanh and An Bang, has attracted the participation of hundreds of business households and received special attention from the community as well as visitors.

From the idea of a unique community-based tourism product and to improve the operating situation of tourism and service businesses post-pandemic, the Tan Thanh fishing village market promises to be an attractive and peaceful new weekend destination in Hoi An./.