Late General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) Truong Chinh received recognition of the importance of culture in all fields of life in particular during revolution, a number of speeches emphasised at a seminar.

Much of his work focused on the role, position, characteristics and principles of building culture, especially revolutionary culture, the seminar was told. Titled Truong Chinh – a Great Cultural Icon, it was held in Hanoi early this week to celebrate his 105th birthday.

Chinh's views on the culture still resonate in the present and remain consistent with the opinion that culture is society's spiritual base, target and driving force for social development the Party set for the doi moi (renewal) period.

Chinh, whose real name was Dang Xuan Khu, was born to a patriotic Confucian family in Hanh Thien village in Nam Dinh province's Xuan Truong district.

He is said to have inherited patriotism from the family and the whole nation, so he joined the national revolutionary cause in his early years. His life and work were closely associated with important landmarks of Vietnam's revolution. He wore many hats including politician, ideologist, cultural icon, journalist and poet.

The seminar focused on discussing major topics including "Truong Chinh – a prominent ideologist of revolutionary culture, an outstanding revolutionary journalist, a revolutionary poet, and a great cultural icon". His journalism connected the establishment with the development of many renowned newspapers such as Tin Tuc (News), Co Giai Phong (Liberation Flag), Su That (The Truth, now Nhan Dan – the People), and Tap Chi Hoc Tap (Study magazine, now Tap Chi Cong san – Communist Review).

Chinh, the late Chairman of the State Council, and advisor to the CPV Central Committee, was a poet and was known within the national poem forum under the pen-name Song Hong. His poems were representative of real life and considered a sharp weapon in the cause of national independance.

His poetry works involved humanism, lyrics, optimism, and a strong belief in the bright side of the future revolution.

Chinh was a person of great intelligence, wide knowledge and vast reading, particularly in regards to history and national culture.

Above all, the seminar further affirmed that Chinh was a resilient and model communist, a prestigious leader of the Party, State and the people, a great cultural icon and journalist, and an outstanding disciple of President Ho Chi Minh. Chinh much deserved the love and respect of Vietnamese people and international friends./.