HTV 9 will broadcast this week the first five episodes of a new documentary about Heroic Mothers whose husbands, sons and daughters were killed in the liberation wars.

The 100-episode Huyen Thoai Me Vietnam Anh Hung (Legends of Vietnamese Heroic Mothers), scripted by Tram Huong, was produced by HCM City's Television Film Studio. Each episode will present the life of one woman, and feature stories told by them about their husbands and children.

"We made the documentary to remind the younger generations of the nation's glorious tradition and to express our respect and admiration for the Heroic Mothers," its director, Ly Quang Trung, said.

There are about 47,000 women who were conferred the title of Heroic Mother in the country, most of them very old.

The five episodes will be broadcast at 8:50pm everyday until February 6. /.