A display of model planes and ships was held on the Huong River in the imperial city of Hue on April 7, opening this year’s week-long Hue festival.

Featuring more than 120 model planes and ships, the display is by far the country’s largest to date, and has attracted thousands of visitors and local residents.

The official opening ceremony takes place on the main stage at the Royal Citadel on April 7, and features an evening performance of music and dancing, entitled, Royal Citadel Night.

It is being held between April 7th to 15th, and the biennial event, the seventh of its kind, is an important cultural and tourist festival.

A range of events are scheduled, including exhibitions of fine art, and numerous other cultural activities that highlight Vietnam ’s unique cultural identity.

This, in combination with an extensive selection of international artists will undoubtedly promote tourism and socio-economic development.

According to the organising board, the festival has put together a fascinating collection of outstanding Vietnamese artists, especially Hue ’s Royal Court art and other characteristics from Vietnam and countries overseas.

This year’s event has attracted over 40 different groups of performers from nearly 30 countries.

The festival also includes a religious ceremony at Nam Giao platform, which is a traditional place of worship.

There will also be a showcase of traditional costumes from several other Asian countries.-VNA