Located in the centre of the Red River Delta economic triangle and bordering the capital city, Hung Yen province is striving to use it strengths to grow.

In line with the common goals of the Red River Delta’s socio-economic development, Hung Yen always sticks to building modern infrastructure with close regional connectivity, taking advantage of geography, natural and human resources.

The locality intends to form socio-economic hubs and several development corridors in efforts to balance new and original values, and urban and rural areas to create a sustainable socio-economic and environmental landscape.

Focal urban areas include Pho Hien Universities Urban Area which will attract universities in Hanoi to the locality, and a Pho Hien ancient town will be restored to promote local tourism.

Several new urban areas will be developed in My Hao and Van Giang to become socio-economic centres in the province’s northern area by 2015.

Transport consistently plays an important role in the locality’s plan to effectively take advantage of regional links between the capital city and regional provinces.

Hung Yen has been mobilising resources to invest in its two life-line roads, the 5A and 39A, linking the province with the Hanoi-Hai Phong-Quang Ninh development triangle.

A recently completed section on the 39A route in the Khoai Chau-Van Giang segment reduces the distance between the province and the capital city, opening new opportunities for regional economic development in the future.

Taking advantage of its position in the centre of the development triangle, which makes it easier to lure investors, the province has formed 14 industrial parks. Five IPs have been opened to investors, attracting over 1,000 projects, generating over 100,000 jobs.

Regarding agricultural development, Hung Yen plans to develop specialised farming zones to grow high-quality and stable produce. They include fruit and flower-growing areas in Van Lam, Van Giang and Khoai Chau districts; vegetable fields in Yen My district; rice in My Hao and An Thi; and longan fruit in Hung Yen city.

With a strategic geographical location, Hung Yen has potential to become an attractive economic hub and a development counterbalance to the capital city.-VNA