Hung Yen police deal heavy blows on drug-related crimes hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: VNA)
Hung Yen (VNA) – So far this year, the police in the northern province of Hung Yen have detected and dealt with nearly 160 cases related to drug, arresting almost 250 criminals in the province’s localilties.

Besides, they have also seized thousands of grams of heroin, over 2,000 grams of drugs of various kinds, more than 100 poppy plants, 100 ml of methamphetamine and nearly 30 grams of ketamine. Legal procedures have been launched for up to 128 cases with 155 accused, while 19 cases with 63 people have got administrative punishments and 66 addicts been sent to detoxification centers.

The force have also successfully busted two large cases of illegally trading and smuggling drugs from Son La province, with the involvement of many women. The cases are those of smuggling five cakes of heroin weighing nearly 1.8 kg and trading 28 cakes of heroin totaling 9.9 grams, with the latter being the largest so far in the province.

Authorities have pointed out that the root causes of the hike in drug-related cases are the poor sense for law of local, the temptation by the huge profit and the low effectiveness of the law popularization.

They also have concluded that the crime is also causing other social evils like theft, robbery and murder, leading to the poor security and order in the locality. Hung Yen police are striving to take strong measures to gradually erase the crime from the province.-VNA