Improving the standard of qualifications is essential in the education transformation process, a conference in Hanoi heard on April 15.

Educationalists at home and abroad agreed that besides equipping students with knowledge, it is advisable to enhance their critical thinking, self-studying, and problem solving skills.

They touched upon four key areas where quality should be improved: teaching staff, curriculums, training guidelines, and educational output. They added that topics such as learning English for global integration and applying technology in the field should also be implemented.

Professor Nguyen Thi My Loc said education in Vietnam receives great attention from the State; however, due to limited economic conditions, the sector has yet to receive much investment, resulting in working staff being short of quality.

She went on to say that providing training courses for teachers should be a continuous process and it is necessary to balance theory and practice in the curriculum and develop learners’ capabilities for domestic human resources and international integration.

Organised by the Vinschool education system, the event creates a good chance for participants to share experience and teaching methods that are proving effective in the world.-VNA