Improving efficiency of resources management urgent: resolution hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: internet)

Hanoi (VNA) – Improving the efficiency of the management and use of economic resources is an urgent task to deal with weaknesses of the national economy and spur development, according to a resolution recently issued by the Politburo.

Resolution No. 39-NQ/TW dated January 15 aims to keep the rate of labourers in the agro-forestry-fishery sector below 33 percent of the country’s total workforce by 2025, under 25 percent by 2035 and less than 15 percent by 2045.

Regarding material resources, it targets the synchronous completion of laws, mechanisms, policies and tools promoting the economical and effective use and management of natural resources by 2025.

About 99 percent of natural land will be put into use and 25 percent of the degraded natural ecosystem is hoped to be restored by 2035, it says.

In financial resources, the document sets the target of reducing State budget overspending to below 4 percent of national gross domestic product (GDP) by 2020 and about 3 percent by 2030.

By 2030, public debt is expected not to exceed 60 percent of the GDP while Government debt should be no more than 50 percent and foreign debt not above 45 percent.

The rearrangement and settlement of land and houses under the State management across the country is projected to be basically completed by 2020 and fully done by 2025.

Facilities causing pollution will be relocated by 2025 and national reserves are set to account for 0.8-1.0 percent of the GDP by 2025, 1.5 percent by 2035 and 2 percent by 2045.

The resolution sets six major tasks and solutions, covering the amendment, supplement and completion of laws, mechanisms and policies; growth model reform; the restructuring of the national economy, sectors, regions and major products; and the improvement of national governance and self-reliance and innovation of businesses.

Maximizing achievements of the fourth Industrial Revolution, and stepping up IT use are also included in the plan.-VNA