Inclusive education is the best solution to help disabled children maximise their abilities, experts and psychological lecturers said at a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on April 4.

The first years of life are of great importance to a child’s growth. If special needs are discovered and nurtured during this period, children with disabilities may grow up into a resourceful and self-contained individuals. Participation in inclusive classes will help them acquire new skills, the experts noted.

Dr. Nguyen Minh Anh from the HCM City Central College of Pedagogy, where the workshop was held, said joining such classes will help the children learn about their capacity and try to utilise such potential themselves.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vuong Hong Tam, Deputy Director of the Centre for Special Education Research, said society now sees the group through more positive eyes, thus more disabled children have received early education.

However, a majority of teachers at normal schools have not been equipped with special educational skills, adding a further complication to the work, he said.

There are some 1.2 million children with disabilities in Vietnam at present. The educational system for this group has reportedly covered all 63 provinces of the country.-VNA