Indonesia exports 284.1-million-USD defence industrial products hinh anh 1An aircraft of Dirgantara company (Photo:
Jakarta (VNA) – The Defence Ministry of Indonesia said the export of defence industrial products brought home 284.1 million USD from 2015 to 2018.

Rear Admiral Agus Setyadi, head of the defence facilities, said Dirgantara Indonesia earned an export value of 161 million USD from the sale CN-235 and NC-212 aircraft.

PAL raked in 86.9 million USD from exporting two units of Strategic Sealift Vessel to the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Pindad sold armored vehicles, tanks, arms, and ammunition worth 32.6 million USD to countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, UAE, the Republic of Korea, Nigeria and East Timor.

Lundin exported Sea Rider ships to Russia and Sweden for 3.6 million USD.

Rear Admiral Agus Setyadi said defence industrial products are a pride of Indonesia, proving the country’s global competence. Indonesia becomes a competitor in the defence industry.-VNA