Indonesia to apply “new normal” scenario hinh anh 1Health worker checks people's temperature in South Tangerang, Indonesia (Photo: VNA)
Jakarta (VNA) - The Indonesian Government may soon ease restrictions on socioeconomic activities and prepare to carry out the next action plan given that COVID-19 is yet to be brought under control, including the application of a “new normal” scenario.

Secretary of Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Dwi Wahyu Atmaji said the government has thoroughly discussed the scenario and decided to initially apply it to the State civil apparatus (ASN).

He stressed that while the word is yet to find a vaccine for COVID-19, people must remain vigilant. Socioeconomic activities, however, should not remain stagnant for too long. The government and people need effective measures to cope with the pandemic while ensuring necessary activities continue.

There are three notable components in the “new normal” scenario, he said. 

Firstly, a flexible working arrangement will be implemented, in which public employees can work from offices, homes, or elsewhere. Secondly, health protocols will be carried out, such as social distancing at work, wearing masks, and washing hands to prevent transmission. Thirdly, the application of information and communications technology will be improved.

He also noted that the application of the “new normal” scenario depends on directives from the country’s COVID-19 taskforce./.