Climate change, urbanisation, and industrialisation are taking farming land, posing a threat to food security, heard the ongoing second conference of the Asian Food Safety Association (AFSA) in southern Dong Nai province.

At the opening session on August 16, delegates, who are experts from nearly 20 countries, agreed that the challenge is common, facing all countries over the world and suggested improving food quality and output through technological application.

In Vietnam, about 20,000 hectares of rice fields are lost to industrialisation and urbanisation each year. And about 30 percent of the total rice growing area will be submerged if sea level rises by one metre.

The experts exchanged views in depth issues on food safety and security in Asia, and orientations to secure a sustainable supply of food.

During the two-day event, they are expected to focus on challenges to Asia in order to ensure safety of new bio-products, food processing technologies, among others.

The conference’s President, Prof. Takashi Uemura from New Zealand’s Lincoln University, said that reports on technologies relating to food safety and security, delivered at the conference, will help improve the lives and social welfare of people in the world./.