Vocational training for rural workers in greater Hanoi has not only helped economic restructuring, but created jobs for thousands of people in rural areas.

Since 2010, the capital city has provided training courses for more than 100,000 workers by implementing a Government project on rural training.

In Chuong My district on the outskirts of the city, authorities provided training for more than 2,000 people last year, double the number in 2013. More than 80 percent found jobs.

Phung Phuong Vy, from the district's Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Department, said this year the district planned to provide training course for nearly 5,000 people. And 85 percent of them are expected to get employment.

Statistics indicate that the number of people in the city's district and other neighbouring districts including Ha Dong district needs vocational training is 130,000.

However, training for rural workers only reaches 64 percent of the target.

According to the project management board, this is because training courses have not been well managed and many are not suitable for needs of either workers or employers.

Research on what workers need has not been carried out properly, preventing many from finding a job.

Sometimes, training for trades specific to localities has not been taught at the training centres.

And there are complaints that some training centres are not been well equipped and that most of the teaching staff are unqualified and lack experience.

On top of this, many workers are unaware of the benefits of training. Many trainees are breadwinners so they cannot devote too much time for study.

It has been agreed that agencies in charge of training must check the needs of trainees and businesses.

Rural vocational training up to 2020 plans to provide training courses for 153,000 people, including 83,000 farm workers. It is hoped to find 83 percent of them jobs.

To implement the programme, the city will spend 65 billion USD (about 3 million USD ) on the activity from the municipal budget for the period.-VNA