“Khen” panpipes resonate in northwest highlands

Khen (panpipe), a traditional musical instrument, holds a vital place in the daily lives of the Mong ethnic people in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau. Over the years, the enchanting sound of Khen has been cherished and passed down within the Mong ethnic community.

A panpipe club was established in 2020 in Lao Ty Phung village, Nung Nang commune, Tam Duong district, with the aim of preserving national cultural identity and fostering tourism development.

Comprising 22 members of varying ages, all sharing a common passion for music and dance, the club gathers on a weekly basis to exchange ideas on preserving traditional melodies.

Since its inception, the club has been invited to perform in numerous venues, attracting a growing number of youngsters.

Like many other ethnic groups, Mong people have crafted a diverse number of musical instruments to enrich their spiritual lives.

Among these, the panpipe stands out as a unique instrument deeply intertwined with Mong culture and lifestyle.

In recent years, local authorities have adopted many policies to support the preservation of traditional culture and the development of tourism.

Panpipe performances are showcased to both domestic and international visitors during major local festivals and events.

The panpipe is distinguished by its shape, structure, and sound function. The bright tones of this instrument are a highlight of Mong celebrations and rituals./.