A workshop to initiate a project to improve knowledge on new policies to fight hunger and poverty was held in Hanoi on May 24.

The event was organised by the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences in coordination with the French Institute of Research for Development and the European Union.

According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, President of the aforementioned academy, research on a multi-dimensional approach to hunger and poverty in the new context is and will continue to be carried out.

The approach will involve the labour market, unofficial sector, social network, administrative reforms and the effects of public policies, Thang added.

The project, Nopoor, will study a series of issues, including new aspects of hunger and poverty, hunger and poverty in relation to inequity in the world, influence from the globalisation and fluctuation of the international environment, and the origins of hunger and poverty.

It also explores limitations of the education system, labour market, a weak administration system, behavioural differences, and impacts of administrative reforms at different levels, among others.-VNA