A Korean language teaching programme will be broadcast on VTV 2 channel of Vietnam Television (VTV) starting August 12, as a followup of the first part aired last year.

The programme is implemented by the Korea Foundation in coordination with the University of Languages & International Studies under the Vietnam National University (VNU).

The Korean language is being taught at 14 universities in Vietnam with a total of 2,600 students in addition to numerous language centres, mostly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, with around 3,000 businesses from the Republic of Korea operating in Vietnam, employing nearly 400,000 Vietnamese workers, the demand to learn the language is huge, and the existing facilities cannot meet the demand of learners. For this reason, the first Korean teaching programme in TV in 2012 received warm response and there are great expectations for the second part.

With the aim of popularizing Korean and the Korean culture in Vietnam, the Korean Foundation, in collaboration with Kookmin bank, has published a Korean language textbook in Vietnam with six volumes.-VNA