Two chillout music albums featuring late composer Trinh Cong Son's songs highlighting the Central Highlands and the forest was introduced to the public early this month.

Rung Xua Da Khep (Old Forest Has Closed) and Hoa Am Cua Dai Ngan (Jungle Harmony) are arranged and produced by composer Vo Thien Thanh, who is known for producing chillout and electronic music albums.

Rung Xua Da Khep includes 10 love songs popular among local and foreign audiences like Ha Trang (White Summer), Phoi Pha (Fading), and Toi Ru Em Ngu (Sing You to Sleep).

They are sung by female pop stars Phuong Vy, Thao Trang, Nguyen Thao, Khanh Linh and Lan Huong.

Composer Thanh said: "I have worked hard for years to make the album to make Trinh Cong Son's music become easy to listen to".

Hoa Am Cua Dai Ngan features 10 famous works depicting the beauty of Viet Nam's forests and the Central Highlands, including five songs composed by Thanh.

It highlights Ngon Lua Cao Nguyen (Highlands' Flame) composed by Tran Tien, Binh Minh Tren Cao Nguyen (Dawn on the Highlands) by Thanh, and Ly Ca Phe Ban Me (Ban Me Coffee Cup) by Nguyen Cuong.

The songs are presented by talented singers Ha Anh Tuan, Xuan Lan and Hong Ngan.

"Two albums are the combination of Vietnamese signature music with electronic music that are hoped to bring new feelings to audience when listening to such familiar songs," Thanh said.

Thanh, a native of the central province of Binh Thuan, began studying music at the HCM City Conservation of Music in 1993, and then started composing songs.

Since 2000, Thanh has been known among young people for his songs, including Tieng Rao (Street Cry), Ban Toi (My Friend) and Tinh 2000 (Love in 2000).

In 2006, he wrote songs and produced the electronic and dance album Thien Dang (Paradise) for pop star Thu Minh, receiving praise from audiences and critics.

He was granted the Cong Hien (Devotion) Award for the Composer of the Year given by The Thao &Van Hoa (Sports and Culture) daily at the same year.

In 2013, Thanh produced Pham Thu Ha's debut album Classic Meets Chillout, which helped her win Devotion Award for the Album of the Year.-VNA