National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung asked members of the 1992 Constitution Revision Committee to carefully analyse and study any amendments to ensure the document meets the needs of the current situation.

At the first meeting held by the committee on Jan. 17 to discuss the implementation of the constitution in recent years, Hung, who is also chairman of the committee, said the committee members should particularly focus on assessing the political and legal values of the constitution as well as its achievements and any shortcomings that remained.

It is necessary to constitutionalise key Party policies and guidelines which were affirmed in the national construction programme and other documents agreed upon by the 11 th National Congress of the party, he said.

Hung acknowledged and praised the efforts of committee members as well as relevant ministries, agencies, experts and scientists in discussing and commenting on the Constitution’s implementation.

Results of the review will serve as a basis for the Party Central Committee and the National Assembly to decide on the scope of any constitutional amendments.

This is the second time the 1992 Constitution is to be amended and supplemented./.