The first code of professional ethics for Vietnamese lawyers was announced by the Vietnam Bar Federation in Hanoi on Aug. 11.

"The code will play a significant role in showing domestic lawyers how to behave professionally as well as orient their obligations and responsibilities to the people and society," federation vice chairman Do Ngoc Thinh said.

The code, with six chapters and 27 rules, came out nearly two years after the federation was established, Thinh said.

It is expected to be supplemented in order to perfect the development of a career as a lawyer.

Through the code, it would be easy to supervise the behaviour of lawyers, he said. The code combined traditional ethics, national culture and international common practices.

The federation planned to set up classes to explain the code, the federation's Lawyer Cultivation Centre deputy director Dao Ngoc Chuyen said.

Each class would have 70 lawyers. The first would be held in HCM City between September 15-20 and in Hanoi between September 25 and 30, Chuyen said, adding that class participants would receive certificates.

It is estimated that Vietnam now has over 6,000 lawyers.

Federation vice chairman Nguyen Van Thao said a compilation of the regulations to deal with violations by lawyers was in progress.

The highest punishment now was removal from the federation's lawyer list, Thao said.

The federation planned to organise a conference in Can Tho city to review and discuss the management and discipline of lawyers in Vietnam./.