Lee Sang Mo, Vice Chairman of the Republic of Korea (RoK)-Vietnam Friendship Association, has been awarded an insignia “For the cause of Peace and Friendship among Nations.”

The award was presented by Chairman of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) Vu Xuan Hong at a reception to the association’s delegation in Hanoi on November 12 on the occasion of the 20 th anniversary of Vietnam-RoK diplomatic ties.

Chairman of the Hanoi’s Association for the Protection of the Disabled and Orphans Dinh Hanh also presented insignias to the RoK-Vietnam Friendship Association Chairman Choi Young Joo and its Vice Chairman Lee Hee Yeon in recognition of their contributions to the protection of the disabled and orphaned children.

Chairman Choi Young Joo pledged to continue working for the RoK-Vietnam relations in the coming time.

On the occasion of the “Vietnam-RoK Friendship Year,” the RoK-Vietnam Friendship Association presented a piano as a gift to the VUFO.-VNA