The fungus Cordyceps Militaris, a valuable and rare organism with medicinal properties, has been successfully cultivated in Vietnam.

C. Militaris, a parasitic organism that befalls insect’s larvae hosts, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine due to its broad pharmacological components such as Cordycepin, Adenosine, Mannitol, Cordypolysaccarid, Superoxide and Dismutise.

Medical research shows that CM, part of a large family of parasitic fungi, may help treat heart and kidney disease and some viruses. The fungus has also been shown to lessen the symptoms of diabetes and sexual dysfunction. Initial research has found that C. Militaris also has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.

The fungus, called Dong Trung Ha Thao in Vietnamese, is much sought after in Vietnam for its alleged medical effects. All Dong Trung Ha Thao products available in Vietnam are imported, and sold at high prices.

The fungus breeding project was funded and implemented by the Biotechnology Transfer Centre owned by Vietnam Technical Scientific Application JSC under the Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE).

The project’s success is expected to reduce prices for C. Militaris and medication containing its active ingredients, making it more widely available for Vietnamese consumers. The technologies used to breed the fungus have been passed on to numerous institutions and individuals, contributing to people’s livelihoods.-VNA