Lush miniature bamboo oasis emerges in the heart of Hanoi

In an enchanting corner of Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi, a newly-planted bamboo oasis has swiftly caught the eye of many admirers. A total of 7,500 bamboo trees have been meticulously planted, bestowing the capital with a captivating miniature forest that beckons visitors from near and far.

This initiative is part of a broader project focused on the plantation of bamboo and the revitalisation of the Truc Bach Lake garden, spearheaded by the People’s Committee of Ba Dinh district. Towering at 4-5 metres, the urban bamboo haven is flourishing with vibrant green foliage, adding a breath of fresh air to the local cityscape.

To ensure the resilience of the bamboo trees against the forces of nature, they are all securely tied together. Enhancements to the area include the construction of pedestrian walkways alongside improvements to existing footpaths and lighting systems.

The emergence of this verdant “bamboo forest” not only revitalises the landscape of Truc Bach Lake but also plays a pivotal role in the restoration of green spaces within the capital and stands as a testament to Hanoi’s commitment to enhancing its park and garden spaces. Management of the bamboo trees will be diligently carried out to ensure they complement urban aesthetics and maintain visibility for traffic, ensuring that this green sanctuary remains a cherished landmark for years to come./.