A meeting was held in Hanoi on November 22 to review the five-year implementation of a Prime Ministerial decree on terrorism prevention. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung attended the event.

The meeting heard a report on the implementation of Decree No. 25/2007/CT-TTg issued on November 15, 2007 for the 2007-12 period presented by Deputy Minister of Public Security Lieut. Gen. To Lam, head of the ministry’s steering committee on terrorism prevention.

Speaking at the event, Dung praised anti-terrorism achievements recorded by ministries, agencies and localities, as well as feats made by the armed forces, in particular the People’s Police and the People’s Army, in the five-year fight. He said that they have thwarted all hostile forces’ terrorist and sabotage schemes, and activities targeting the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese people.

He also pointed out advantages, risks and challenges to the fight against terrorism in particular, and the national construction and defence in the coming time.

Dung asked the ministries, agencies and localities to continue thoroughly grasping and implementing the decree, considering it a central task closely connected to their entrusted political duties.

The ministries, agencies and localities should continue promoting the combined strength of the entire political system to implement the task of preventing terrorism to maintain political stability and social order and safety, he noted.

They should grasp the situation, actively prevent and thwart all terrorist and sabotage schemes and activities by hostile forces and other criminals. They should be ready to deal with threats while building a specialised force that can cope with all possibilities, he added.

The Government leader asked the ministries, agencies and localities to popularise and educate patriotism, national consciousness, responsibilities and obligations to protect national security, and help people understand the major challenges to national defence in the new situation, such as terrorism, sabotage and political riots.

He said that official forces should pay attention to preventing e-criminals that use information technology and the Internet to sabotage the State and instigate violent disturbances./.VNA