A memorial house to commemorate Vietnamese and Lao soldiers who laid down their lives in Laos during wartime was inaugurated in the country’s central province of Khammouan on May 29.

Youngsters from Vietnam’s central province of Quang Binh and the host region offered incense for the war heroes, who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation’s independence, peace and freedom.

The house was erected by a group of young people from Quang Binh province after nearly three months of construction and at a total cost of over 200 million VND (9,400 USD).

Earlier on May 14, the remains of 32 Vietnamese volunteers and experts who lost their lives in Laos were laid to rest at a cemetery in Quang Binh’s Bo Trach district.

The remains were gathered during the 2013-14 dry season, beginning last October, with close coordination between Quang Binh and Khammoune provinces.-VNA