Ministry to turn off 2G technology

The Ministry of Information and Communications will turn off 2G technology on land from September 16. Telecom service providers are being urged to take drastic measures to support their subscribers to switch to mobile phones with higher technology to ensure their interests.

The 2G service will continue to be provided in Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagoes until September 15, 2026.

The Ministry of Information and Communications said it will not grant the 900MHz/1800MHz bands again once the use expires on September 16 if network operators cannot complete the process of shifting 2G subscribers to 4G and 5G subscribers.

Recently, the ministry has made preparation for turning off 2G technology such as restrictions on importing devices using 2G to minimize disruption for users.

Telecom providers are also offering financial assistance to help subscribers transition to smartphones, and providing them with special package deals./.