The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has asked mobile-phone users in Hanoi not to use signal boosters to enhance voice quality and other attachments.

They said this can interfere with mobile signals throughout the city.

The ministry said many portable boosters are used where mobile signals are weak, especially in the Old Quarter where there is a highly concentrated population.

"The use of personal signal boosters are interfering with the overall quality of mobile signals in the city," said Doan Binh, director of the Authority of Radio Frequency Management in region 1 (ARFM) under MIC.

Binh said mobile service providers such as Vinaphone, MobiFone and Viettel have reported their signals are becoming distorted in some areas in Hanoi .

"The use of mobile signal boosters violates the law on radio frequency. Only authorised service provider are allowed to use a radio frequency generator and booster" Binh added.

However, Binh said mobile service providers also to blame for failing to provide quality signals to their subscribers.

Besides asking mobile users to stop using boosters, Binh asked mobile service providers to increase the quality of signal quality and coverage, especially in densely populated and outlying areas.

"If mobile users find a weak signal, they should contact their providers and demand them to resolve it," he said.

Binh said ARFM region 1 will work with Hanoi 's Department of Information and Communications to check the quality of mobile signals in Hanoi .

However, a representative from Viettel said poor signals in some areas are caused by lack of signal towers.
He said the company is unable to build some towers on the top of buildings or houses because of opposition from building owners. They refuse to allow Viettel to rent space at the top.-VNA