Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam has asked the Ministry of Information and Technology (MOIT) to work harder to smooth the way for information to create social consensus and fuel the country’s rapid and sustainable development.

He made the suggestion at a video-teleconference on December 25 to review the MOIT’s operation in 2014 and draw out tasks for 2015.

The Deputy PM urged the ministry to create all possible conditions for IT and telecommunication enterprises to engage strongly in ensuring equal development of IT in all regions across the country.

Meanwhile, the ministry should encourage the involvement of various economic sectors in the publishing industry, while ensuring the quality of all publications introduced to the public, he said.

Commenting on the ministry’s performance in 2014, the Deputy PM said this year witnessed strong reforms regarding the ministry’s direction, management, and production activities.

As many as 21 projects built and consulted by the MOIT were approved and issued by the Politburo, the Government and the Prime Minister throughout the year, the highest number so far, he noted.

At the same time, the ministry also sped up the restructuring of enterprises operating in information technology and communication, especially the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT), he said.

Minister Nguyen Bac Son submitted a variety of proposals, including the one on the establishment of departments for information security and local information since they are crucial for guaranteeing cyber information security and popularisation at grassroots level.-VNA