A great number of artifacts and architectural works belonging to the Oc Eo culture have recently been unearthed in the Go Thap relic complex in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap.

The Oc Eco culture is believed to have formed and developed in the Mekong Delta from the first to the sixth century AD.

During three excavations, archeologists found hundreds of objects of different materials, including stone, ceramic, terracotta, metal and animal teeth and bones.

There were a wooden Buddha statue dating back from the second to fourth century and residential structures of Oc Eo inhabitants.

In an area thought to house a cemetery for Oc Eo inhabitants, traces of a complex of temples dedicated to Hinduism and Buddhism in their early development stages were uncovered.

The findings are expected to provide scientists with more physical materials relating to Oc Eo people’s socio-economic and religious affairs.

According to scientists, ancient people resided in Go Thap in an early time, from the Oc Eo period (second century BC) to the Oc Eo culture and the post-Oc Eo period (twelfth century).

The Go Thap archaeological complex in Tan Kieu commune, Thap Muoi district was recognised as a special national relic site in late 2012.-VNA