The Muong Lo Culture and Tourism Festival and The Discovery Mu Cang Chai Terraced Fields will take place from September 20 to 25 in the northern mountainous province of Yen Bai.

This is an annual provincial tourism event aiming at introducing beautiful landscapes, culture and promoting tourism development in the province.

The festival will open with a show entitled Quintessence From Legend which brings together many popular artists.

Coming to the festival, visitors will learn about unique tourism products and join diversified activities. They will see a performance by more than 2000 people.

Paragliding themed Flying in The Yellow Season will be a highlight of the festival. It will allow visitors to enjoy the local terraced rice fields.

Culinary and tourism activities will take place at the festival. Tú Lệ young sticky rice will be introduced as one of the specialities in the province.

Thái xòe dance (dance with scarves) is submitted for UNESCO’s recognition as a human intangible cultural heritage./.