As the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming near, the streets of Hanoi are filled with vibrant lanterns with different colors and shapes. Specially, Phung Hung mural street featuring lanterns with eye-catching shapes give people a joyful atmosphere and a traditional space.

Unlike colorful traditional lanterns, these lanterns are made from fabric with simple colors. The highlight is when night falls, the lanterns light up with sparkles. The road becomes more vibrant and livelier. Young people flock to this street to pose for the perfect picture.

This street is also a lively cultural space. The artisans infuse their spirit into folk toys such as: star-shaped lanterns, peppier mache masks, tò he among others... Many young people are extremely excited to participate, experience and understand the origin and how to make traditional toys

This is also an opportunity to promote and attract tourists to Hanoi’s Old Quarter and learn the special features of Vietnamese folklore.-VNA