Next year will continue pursuing major economic targets of stabilising the macro-economy, curbing inflation and raising the economy's growth rate, according to a new report by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

The report, which was presented at a meeting of the National Assembly's Economic Committee in Hanoi on October 10, reviewed the implementation of social and economic development plans in 2012 along with development forecasts for 2013.

It said Vietnam will continue tightening monetary policy and working on lowering inflation and ensuring stable interest rates. Work will also focus on ensuring an appropriate increase in outstanding debts as a means of easing the difficulties businesses face in securing bank loans.

The report also proposed boosting the restructuring of the economy and shifting growth strategy, while ensuring social welfare and security. The Government was also urged to enhance the effectiveness of foreign policy and international integration as well as bolster national defence and socio-political stability.

Participants at the meeting agreed that there would be more difficulties in reaching next year's economic development targets, suggesting the MPI figure out short-term and long-term solutions that are transparent and adequately publicised.

On the same day, the Economic Committee also reviewed the Government's draft of the revised Land Law.

The committee's Deputy Chairman Nguyen Duc Kien said that the general report on 10 year of implementation of the law had failed to mention the number of lawsuits related to properties on land and how many of these cases involved in Government compensation for land clearance.

He urged the compiling board of the draft law to cooperate with the Government Inspectorate to clarify these issues.

Deputies also discussed land allocation, price evaluation, revocation of improperly-used land and mortgaging of properties related to land use rights held by foreign banks.-VNA