National Assembly (NA) deputies continued to give comments on draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution during their sitting in Hanoi on the morning of November 18.

Before discussions, they heard Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the NA’s Law Committee and head of the compiling board of the Committee on Draft Amendments to the 1992 Constitution, present a report on feedback from NA deputies on the draft revisions and a draft resolution on the implementation of the 1992 Constitution.

In the afternoon, the lawmakers discussed in groups the amended Law on Bankruptcy and the draft Law on Public Investment.

On November 19, the NA will consider a draft Government report on the implementation of NA resolutions on question and answer sessions during the third, fourth and fifth meetings.

The legislature will hear a report on the supervision of the handling of voters’ proposals sent to the NA during the fifth meeting. A Q&A session will be broadcast live on radio and television.-VNA