Minister of Construction Trinh Dinh Dung clarified issues relating to the restructuring of construction enterprises and the safety of the Song Tranh 2 hydro power plant at the November 13 question-and-answer session of the ongoing National Assembly.

The minister acknowledged that during the process of restructuring construction enterprises, it is necessary to reform products and encourage major business lines.

A roadmap to reduce capital for downcast business lines and a plan to equitise construction firms are needed upon the Government’s request, he said.

Dung said that all the groups and corporations under the management of the Construction Ministry are facing difficulties.

To mend the problem, the ministry is reviewing their debts. Debts will be classified as those that can be dealt with, those that need time to resolve, and those that cannot be resolved.

Responding to questions on Song Tranh 2 hydro power plant, the minister affirmed that the plant follows quality inspection procedures, and its safety has been assured by independent Japanese consultants who conducted a survey of the plant design.

After the water leakage in the plant’s dam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, investors and the state-level inspection council asked the chief investor (Electricity of Vietnam) to bring in independent consultants to examine the plant. The findings of the inspection confirmed the dam’s safety in both the implementation of its work and the quality of the building foundations.

National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said local people are not at risk as the problem has caused no harmful impacts.

However, in the event of an earthquake, scientists will be invited to check the problem. If the results show minimal impacts, water storage will continue with the final decision made at that time.

The government has ordered to cease the storing of water in the dam as a transitional measure so that local residents can remain near the construction site, and scientists can continue to study the potential impact of earthquakes.

The final fate of the construction site will be determined once the earthquake study is completed.

The government will further clarify the issue on November 14.-VNA