The National Assembly on November 21 passed a resolution on conducting votes of confidence on officials elected or approved by the National Assembly or People’s Councils.

474 of the 478 deputies present at the session voted for the resolution.

The motion will be applied from February 1, 2013 as a means to improve the National Assembly’s and People’s Councils’ supervision of officials elected or approved by the two agencies.

It will help officials recognise their level of confidence in order to take measures to improve their work effectiveness and responsibilities.

Votes of confidence will act as a basis for competent agencies and organisations to evaluate, arrange and use personnel fittingly.

The NA and People’s Councils will conduct annual votes of confidence from the second year of tenure.

The first vote of confidence for the 2011-16 tenure will take place in early 2013.

The resolution will see votes of confidence on the State President and Vice President, the Chair and Deputy Chairs of the National Assembly, heads of Committees and Councils under the National Assembly, other members of the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and other Cabinet members, the Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court, the Prosecutor General of the Supreme People’s Procuracy and the Auditor General of the State Audit.

The People’s Councils will conduct the practice on the Chair and Deputy Chairs, permanent members, heads of the People’s Councils, the Chair and Deputy Chairs of the People’s Committees and other members of the People’s Committees.

The NA also passed on the same day the Law on Capital and discussed bills on terrorism prevention and natural disaster prevention and mitigation.-VNA