National Assembly deputies on November 12 discussed the draft revised law on Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF), with the focus on the front’s supervision and social criticism functions.

Many lawmakers said that in comparison with the current law, the draft has extended the scale and subjects of the VFF’s supervision activities in order to institutionalise the Party’s Platform on national construction in the transitional period towards socialism and concretise the 2013 Constitution’s regulations.

However, several deputies noted that the stipulations on the VFF’s supervision functions do not differ much from those of elected bodies.

Tuyen Quang deputy Ma Thi Thuy and Ninh Binh deputy Luu Thi Huyen called for more detailed stipulations on the forms of the front’s supervision in the draft law.

Regarding the VFF’s social criticism function, deputy Huynh Minh Thien from Ho Chi Minh City said the front’s social criticism should not be limited to draft laws, policies and projects of the State and State agencies but be extended to those already issued but showing problems during implementation.-VNA