The 26 th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee concluded on March 14 after opinions were given on a draft ordinance on administrative violations at People’s Courts.

Article 48 of the Law on Handling Administrative Violations stipulates the responsibility of People’s Courts in administrating punishment. However, there have been no concrete regulations on disruptions that hinder the courts’ procedural activities.

Therefore, the committee’s members agreed on the need to issue the ordinance in order to address bottlenecks in this work.

The draft ordinance listed actions that compromise the safety and integrity of trials, oppose the courts’ summons and blacken the honour, prestige and health of on-duty officials.

However, many raised their voice against the draft ordinance, reasoning that several articles and clauses have failed to meet the committee’s requirements set at the previous meeting.

They suggested the drafting agency continue adjusting the document to make it better.

Addressing the event, NA Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu said the draft ordinance has yet to ensure constitutional and legal characters, asking the agency abide by the legislature’s resolution on its issuance and acquire opinions of the committee’s members.

He requested the Council for Ethic Affairs, other committees and agencies of the NA to continue cautiously reviewing draft laws which are scheduled to be discussed at the seventh sitting.-VNA