Vietnam has recorded positive results in preventing drugs, prostitution and HIV/AIDS over the past ten years, making practical contributions to the country’s sustainable development and people’s safety.

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong, Chairman of the National Committee on AIDS, Drugs, Prostitution Control and Prevention, made the statement while attending the committee’s meeting to review the 10-year implementation of drugs, prostitution and HIV/AIDS prevention work held in Hanoi on January 7.

He said that in the 10-year period, authorised forces detected over 122,000 drug cases with more than 199,400 offenders, seizing 1,885 kg of heroin, over 2,500 kg of opium, 15,000 kg of marijuana and 800,000 amphetamine tablets.

The international community highly valued Vietnam’s elimination of opium poppies with the area under cultivation dropping from 428 ha in 2000 to 30 ha in 2009.

The country dealt with over 13,900 cases of prostitution over the past ten years.

By September 2010, the nation had also recorded more than 180,300 HIV carriers, of whom over 48,300 died of AIDS./.