National Assembly deputies on April 10 proposed speeding up the socialisation of notary services so that the quality of services can be improved.

At a meeting in Hanoi, a proposed draft bill to the amended Notarisation Law under revision for approval this summer, aims to revamp State-run notary offices.

The new regulations would help sustain notary services in localities and make sure privately run services had similar rights and responsibilities to those presently run by the State.

The deputies asked those preparing the draft to attach special importance to ethics. They suggested the law provide for higher qualifications for the appointment of notaries and stricter rules for their training.

The deputies said the draft law should expand the rights of notary offices to make them more convenient for the public as well as reduce administrative work for related bodies.

The NA Standing Committee on April 10 gathered deputies' suggestions for amendments to the Notarisation Law and Construction Law, and changes to the draft to the law on Public Investment.

The laws, according to NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung, are "most significant" as they cover a wide range of socio-economic issues and have a big influence on society.

The deputies on April 10 agreed that a thorough review of the draft bills was necessary to make sure they complied with the Constitution and supported the interests of the people.

The drafts will be submitted for approval to the NA at its coming seventh plenary session. The NA meeting would heavily focus on law making, said Chairman Hung.-VNA