A national online conference on meetings with citizens and settlement of complaints and denouncements was opened on May 2 under the chair of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

A report by the Government Inspector General Huynh Phong Tranh said there have been improvements in officials’ sense of responsibility on guiding, leading and organising the implementation of tasks relating to solving complaints and denunciations. Public meetings between officials and citizens in provinces and cities have become regular activities with better results.

More attention was paid to the completion of mechanisms and policies, contributing to limiting the number of complaints and increasing coordination between central and local agencies. There was also a rise in the rate of settled cases, according to the report.

However, there are still shortcomings and weaknesses in the work, such as poor organisation of meetings between citizens and local officials, particularly at district level and low progress in settlement of cases.

In the time to come, the Government Inspectorate said the main tasks are to create favourable conditions for citizens to exercise their rights to complaint and denunciations, and try to address as early as possible new complaints while completely resolving prolonged and urgent cases.

The Government Inspectorate also proposed that the NA promptly promulgate laws on receiving citizens and on demonstration, to create a legal basis for solving cases abusing the right to complaints and denunciations to cause social disorders.-VNA