The 11th Congress of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) for the 2013-2018 tenure wrapped up in Hanoi on July 30 with the re-election of Dang Ngoc Tung as President of the VGCL for another tenure.

After four days of sitting, the congress has set the targets and orientations for the VGCL in the next five years, which will focus on renovating its operational mode to take better care of its members and labourers and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

In the new tenure, the VGCL will continue to take part in state management and socio-economic management; foster patriotic emulation movements and establish stronger trade unions at grassroots level, thus building the working class into the core and vanguard force in the national construction and protection.
At the closing ceremony, the congress announced composition of the 11th VGCL’s Executive Committee which has 172 members and a 24-member Presidium.

All members of the new Executive Committee affirmed they will make every effort to effectively implement the set targets.

In the same day’s evening, an arts performance will be held in the Vietnam-Russia Friendship Cultural Palace to congratulate the congress’ success.-VNA