New Dong Nai flood project hinh anh 1The Bien Hung five-way intersection in Bien Hoa city often floods in the rainy season (Photo:
Dong Nai (VNA) - The People’s Committee of Dong Nai province has approved a 458 billion VND (20.4 million USD) project to prevent flooding at the Bien Hung five-way crossroads in Bien Hoa City.

The province’s Water Drainage Centre will carry out the project between 2016 and 2018.

Flooding occurs frequently at the Bien Hung intersection, causing traffic jams and affecting people lives in the rainy season.

After a 15-20 minute heavy rain, the area is often flooded under 0.4-0.7 metres of water.

The Bien Hoa People’s Committee had asked the Dong Nai provincial People’s Committee to give budget priority to flood-prevention projects in Bien Hoa city.

Bien Hoa has 28 sites that regularly flood, including the Bien Hung intersection, Nguyen Ai Quoc Road and National Highway 51, according to the People’s Committee.

Other sites that often flood are the Dong, Mieu, Tan Cang, Vuon Dua and Tan Lap hamlets along the Buong River in Phuoc Tan Commune.

The major causes of flooding in Bien Hoa are rapid urbanisation, littering, construction works that illegally reclaim canals and drainage systems, and outdated sewage systems.

The province’s Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Cuong has told authorities in Bien Hoa to dredge canals and streams this month to prevent flooding.

Authorities were also urged to apply sanctions against companies responsible for construction works that illegally encroach on canals and drainage systems.

Dong Nai said it would borrow foreign loans for more flood-prevention projects.-VNA