More than 20 Vietnamese journalists from major media agencies in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are gathering for a training course from May 27-31 to learn about a new trend in media development.

The course is co-organised in Hanoi by the Stockholm-based Fojo Media Institute and the Press Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) website.

During the event, the trainees have a chance to learn from Swedish lecturer Peter Sommerstein who has worked in media management and consultation for 20 years.

A live forum was created for local journalists to talk with their Swedish colleague, who shared his working experience and answered questions related to media reforms and commercial newspapers, especially those with an online platform.

Participants expect to improve their professional skills through practical applications and learn more about ongoing media development trends in a developed country like Sweden .

In addition to learning theory, they will also join discussions and play in different roles in a newsroom to gain a better understanding of the work done by editors, journalists, editorial secretaries, and even the editor-in-chief.

Sommerstein has taken part in many training courses for Vietnamese journalists and introduced his local colleagues new media improvement tools that enable them to produce better quality multi-media works.

He also recommended that Vietnamese journalists explore stories from different angles and with a more objective perspective.

Regarding the modern model of convergence newsrooms, Sommerstein said Vietnam has many advantages in developing this model because it can draw experience from other nations and avoid making the same mistakes during its development process.

However, Vietnamese journalists still lack experience in this field, he added.-VNA