Local authorities of the central coastal province of Ninh Thuan have been implementing a series of measures to overcome the shortage of cultivation land for ethnic minority people in the locality.

According to Le Thanh Hung, deputy head of the provincial Committee for Ethnic Affairs, the measures focus on reclaiming unused land or allocate forest land to the needy.

He cited a survey conducted in late 2013 which showed that as many as 3,033 households in Ninh Thuan have little or no farmland at all and need to be provided with about over 1,000 ha. Many of them lost land due to natural disasters such as floods and erosion while others had their land taken for the building of irrigation systems. Young people starting their own family also face a lack of farmland.

Ethnic minority households and poor people in the most disadvantaged areas are entitled to 15 million VND in aid and another 15 million VND in loans with preferential interest rates to reclaim unused land, Hung said, adding that in localities where there is no unused land left, the target people will be given assistance in vocational training or shifting to jobs in forestry.

In recent years, the Party and State issued many policies to aid people in ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas in improving their living standards, including the provision of land for cultivation and housing.-VNA