No Vietnamese citizens affected by protests in US: FM spokeswoman hinh anh 1Police are mobilised to disperse protests in Minneapolis city, the US. (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)
- Vietnamese representative agencies in the US have reported that there have been no Vietnamese citizens affected by the protests in the country, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thi Thu Hang has said.

At the regular Foreign Ministry press conference on June 11, Hang said it has instructed the agencies in the US to monitor the situation and keep in touch with local authorities and representatives of the Vietnamese community to remain informed and make recommendations to Vietnamese citizens and also stand ready to take measures to protect them if needed.

On June 1, Hang said, the Vietnamese Embassy in Washington D.C. issued a warning to Vietnamese citizens in the US, asking them not to go to protest areas, strictly comply with regulations from local agencies, limit their travel, and contact local police and Vietnam’s representative agencies in the US if they are indeed affected or require assistance.

Recommendations and citizen protection hotlines have also been publicised, she added.

Hang went on to say that Vietnam is following the situation in the US and sympathises with the US Government and people, as some of the protests are tending towards violence in some localities, affecting the economy and people’s security.

“We hope the situation will be stabilized soon so that people can return to their normal lives,” she said./.