Northern localities team up to attract more tourists

Last year, northern localities enjoyed flourishing tourism while many destinations in this region won international awards and recognition, greatly contributing to Vietnam’s tourism development.

Northern provinces and cities have shown fruitful cooperation in creating various tourism products, to attract more visitors and encourage holidaymakers to extend their stay, thus helping with tourism development nationwide. Tourism in the north has bounced back strongly since the COVID-19 pandemic was brought under control, especially in 2023. In 2023, Vietnam’ tourism revenue was estimated at 1.5 billion USD, surging 52.5% from the previous year, proving the effectiveness of travel stimulation policies of provinces and cities, including those in the north.

In addition, many international tourism titles came to northern localities last year.

For example, Hanoi was named Asia’s Leading City Destination, and Asia's Leading City Break Destination at the World Travel Awards 2023, and Moc Chau district (Son La province) – Asia's Leading Regional Nature Destination./.